Water Department

Please refer to the city calendar for the sanitation service schedule.

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City Utility Fee Explanation        

WTR  This charge is for the water that is provided to your house from the city wells via our tanks and water mains.  The charge is a flat $9.00 for the first 2,000 gallons.  Each additional 1,000 gallons is $2.50. 

SWR  This charge is for transporting your sewage waste via our city lines and pumps.  The money we collect pays for pipe and pump maintenance.  The charge for this is half of your water charge or a minimum of $4.50. 

GRB  Residential – We charge $13.50 for once-a-week garbage pickup, brush pickup, mosquito spraying, and street sweeping.  The City provides one container and additional containers may be added for $4.00 per month.

Commercial – Trash cart $17.50 each container.

WW  This charge is a flat rate of $5.00 that is set aside to be used for sewer      infrastructure improvements.

 DCR  This charge is $3.84 per thousand gallons of sewer.  We pay this money to the DeSoto County Regional Utility Authority to treat the sewage and turn it back into water that can be safely returned to the environment.  We are merely the collection agency for DCRUA on this fee.

REC  Customers that wish to recycle will be issued a cart for $3.94 per month.

         Customers west of I-55 – Pick up day is Monday

         Customers east of I-55  – Pick up day is Wednesday

Customers can pay online at cityofhernando.org for a small fee ($2 for every $50 paid).