Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is established with the powers and duties to authorize, in specific cases, variances from the terms of the City of Hernando’s Zoning Ordinance.  The Commission ensures that the variance requests are not contrary to the public interest, and provides relief from unnecessary hardships.

The Planning Commission’s responsibilities also extends to issuing Conditional Use Permits.  During this process, the Commissioners may impose conditions and safeguards to protect the General Development Plan and to conserve and protect property in the surrounding neighborhood.

In addition to authorizing conditional uses, the Planning Commission is tasked with providing recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen concerning subdivisions, zoning amendments, planned unit developments, Zoning Ordinance, and the General Development Plan.

Planning Commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Board Room located at City Hall, 475 West Commerce Street, Hernando, MS  38632

Copies of the Agenda are available on the community calendar on the Friday before each meeting.