State Licenses and Permits

Interested in starting a business? Nearly all businesses need some form of license or permit to operate legally. However, licensing and permit requirements vary depending on the type of business you are operating, where it’s located, and what government rules apply. For more information click the link to the U.S. Small Business Administration website:

The State of Mississippi does not license all businesses; however, your business may need state and/or local licenses or permits depending on the particular activity you are engaged in. The Mississippi Small Business Development Center provides links to some of the Mississippi agencies.  You will also need to check with the City of Hernando,  Office of Planning to determine local licensing requirements. The Small Business Administration has a Business License Permit Search tool to help identify the required licenses and permits. The official Mississippi government website maintains an incomplete list of professional licenses. Some (note, this is not a complete list) required licenses and web sites with information are:

For permit applications, please visit